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Online Shopping FAQ’s

Do you offer delivery services? If yes, what is the delivery timeline?

Do you offer delivery services? If yes, what is the delivery timeline? provides delivery services for your convenience. Typically, orders placed before 6pm can expect next-day delivery. Additionally, we offer an Express Delivery option that guarantees your order arrives within 3 hours; please note that this service incurs a charge of Eur10

At Retail Marketing Ltd, we take the security and privacy of our clients' information seriously, especially when it comes to payment transactions. To ensure the utmost protection, we have implemented a robust system that does not store any credit card information of clients who make purchases from our online shops.


When a client reaches the checkout stage during their shopping journey, they are seamlessly redirected to our trusted Payment Gateway Service, which is provided by a separate and authorized company called Transactium. Transactium is a reputable payment gateway service provider that specializes in secure and efficient payment processing.


During the payment process, the client is required to enter their card details directly into the Transactium system. At no point does Retail Marketing Ltd have access to or store these sensitive credit card details. This procedure ensures that even if there were a security breach on our end, the clients' payment information would not be compromised.


Once the payment is initiated and completed on the Transactium platform, their system promptly informs the Retail Marketing System of the successful transaction. After receiving this confirmation, we proceed to process the payment on our end, ensuring a smooth and reliable payment flow.


We understand the importance of data security, which is why all communication between our clients, Retail Marketing Ltd, and Transactium takes place over secure HTTPS connections. HTTPS ensures that all data transmitted during the payment process is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.


Rest assured that our commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy payment process is unwavering. By partnering with Transactium, an authorized payment gateway service provider, we aim to offer our clients a seamless, secure, and worry-free shopping experience on our online shops. Your trust and confidence in our services are of the utmost importance to us, and we will continue to prioritize the protection of your personal and financial information.



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